Consultations for Arts Educators

Helping Arts Educators Connect With & Inspire Students

Looking for ways to engage more deeply with your students? Get an In-Depth Consultation from a 25-year Music Industry Veteran!

Overview: In academic settings, there is sometimes a disconnect between teacher and student in how they relate to music. Teachers may look down upon the pop music that students choose to listen to as having no real value (it’s”garbage”), while students often feel little or no personal connection with the music they’re being taught in the classroom (it’s “not cool”). As a result, the two sides have difficulty finding common ground, and music educators can struggle in their efforts to help students become impassioned about the curriculum at hand.

Drummer, historian and educator Daniel Glass (Brian Setzer Orchestra, Bette Midler, Royal Crown Revue) has made a career out of bridging this gap, helping younger generations fall in love with music styles they never imagined they would understand or appreciate. As a consultant, Daniel  offers teachers a set of tools that will help their students make connections between the pop music of today, and the music being taught in a school curriculum.

In his presentations, Daniel shares many of the tools he has used to successfully connect with and inspire students of all ages, regardless of their instrument or particular musical interest. These “A-ha” moments are specifically designed to help students realize just how much the music they listen to today has in common with “the past”; and how much the musical heroes of yesteryear – from Mozart to Sousa to Ellington to Elvis – were as innovative, controversial and rebellious as today’s rock stars. Whether your area of specialization is concert band, marching, jazz, choir or general music, Daniel will offer you new ways to connect with, and inspire your students.

To organize a presentation for your event or conference, contact Daniel.

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