*Produced by Daniel

Recordings with Royal Crown Revue:

Don’t Be A Grinch This Year (RCR Records, 2010) ORDER NOW
Live in Australia – (LiveBand.com, 2007) ORDER NOW
El Toro (Kufala Records, 2007) ORDER NOW
*Greetings From Hollywood (RCR Records, 2004) ORDER NOW
Passport to Australia – Live (RCR Records, 2001) ORDER NOW
Walk On Fire (SideOne, 1999) ORDER NOW
The Contender (Warner Brothers, 1998)
Caught In The Act – Live! (Surfdog, 1997)
Mugzy’s Move (Warner Brothers, 1996)
Hollywood Tales (By Our Records, 1994)

Film and Television Credits:

Recent Credits Include: Gene Simmons Family Jewels: Season 3 (2008), What Love Is (2007), Two Weeks (2007), Five Minutes to Midnight (2006), Running With Arnold (2006), Cheaper By The Dozen 2 (2005), The Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (2005), Malcolm In the Middle (2004), Wonderfalls (2004), and Buffy The Vampire Slayer (2001).

Compilations/Soundtracks with RCR:

The Marilyn Hotchkiss Ballroom Dancing and Charm School (Soundtrack) – Zip Gun Bop (Milan Records, 2006)
Joe Kid on a Stingray (Soundtrack) – Watts Local (2005)
Something’s Gotta Give (Soundtrack) – Something’s Gotta Give (Sony, 2003)
Contact: Music from the Broadway Show – Beyond the Sea & Topsy (RCA Broadway, 2001)
The Other Sister -The Walkin’ Blues (Hollywood Records, 1999)
Three To Tango (Soundtrack) – Datin’ With No Dough (Warner/Sunset, 1999)
Swingers Too! (Soundtrack) – Datin’ With No Dough (Live) (Hollywood, 1999)
Hootenanny, The Best Of, 1999 – Special live version of “Walkin’ Like Brando” (Hootenanny/Foil, 1999)
Hootenanny, The Best Of, 1998 – Datin’ With No Dough/Live (Hootenanny/Foil, 1998)
Santa’s Swinging’ Sack (KROQ XMas CD), Hey Santa (special studio version), (1998)
Swing Sucks – The Rise and Fall of the Great Mondello (Liberation Records).
A Compilation of Warped Music – Zip Gun ’98 (special studio version), (Dummy, 1998)
Swing This, Baby! – Datin’ With No Dough (Live), (Swingstyle, 1998)
M.O.M II (Music For Our Mother Ocean) – Barflies at the Beach/Studio Version, (Surfdog, 1997)
Mad Dog Time (Soundtrack) – “Something’s Gotta Give”/Studio Version (1997)
Swing Alive! – From the PBS special of the same name. Includes special live versions of Zip Gun Bop and Hey Pachuco. Also available on video, (Drive Entertainment, 1996)

Recordings with Other Artists:

Linda Lavin – Love Notes (Club 44 Records, 2020)
Dawn Derow – My Ship: Songs From 1941 ( 2020)
Stritch/Caruso/Blackhurst – Christmas at Birdland (Club 44 Records, 2019)
Max Von Essen – Call Me Old Fashioned (MVE Records, 2019)
Abigail Lumsden – Imagine Your Heart’s Journeys, Vol 2 (2015)
Abigail Lumsden – Imagine Your Heart’s Journeys, Vol 1 (2015)
Peter and Will Anderson – Classical Themes in Jazz (PW Music, 2012)
The Anderson Twins – The Fabulous Dorseys (PW Music, 2012)
Ian Whitcomb – Songs Without Words (Rivermont, 2012)
Marie MacGillis – Bebe Licorn (2012)
Johnny Boyd – Never Been Blue (Cliffdive Records, 2012)
Ted Russel Kamp – Get Back To The Land (Dualtone Music, 2011)
Jennifer Keith – “Jenny” Is Her Name (2011)
Alex Schultz – Think About It (Severn, 2011)
Janet Klein – Whoopee! Hey! Hey! (Coeur de Janette, 2010)
Nancy Weiss -At Times Like This (N.A.W. Music, 2010)
Jennifer Keith – Introducing Jennifer Keith (Rhythm Train Records, 2009)
Ted Russell Kamp – Poor Man’s Paradise (System Records, 2008)
*Rhythm Club All Stars – Introducing the Rhythm Club All Stars (Very Tall Music, 2008) ORDER NOW
Marie MacGillis – Sittin’ In the Cat Bird Seat (Sutcliffe Music, 2008)
King Paris/Martini Kings – Show of Stars (Swingomatic, 2008)
Johnny Boyd – Starlight (EP) (CliffDive Records, 2007)
Devil Doll – The Return of Eve (DuffyRecords, 2007)
Scott Steen– Playing Favorites (Chrome Dome Music, 2007)
PI Jacobs – The Curse of the Songwriter (ThatCrazyChick Music, 2007)
GKM Newport Orchestra – Venture Capital Follies of 1929 (Long After Lunch Records, 2007)
Mora’s Modern Rhythmists – Devil’s Serenade (Mr. Ace Records, 2006)
Bart Ryan – World In A Bottle (R5 Recordings, 2006)
Karling Abbeygate – Karling Abbeygate (Dionysis Records, 2006)
The Redondos – The Redondos (Royal Songbird Records, 2006)
Industrial Jazz Group – Industrial Jazzwerke, Vol. 1 (UglyRug Music, 2005)
Jazz Baby – Volumes 1-3 (Casablanca Kids, 2005)
Chris Murphy – Juniper (Kufala Recordings, 2005)
Chris Murphy – Broken Wheel (Kufala Recordings, 2005)
The Travellers – Dig Dag Diggin, Tour 2004 (DVD)(Low-Fi Records, 2005)
Raymond Patterson – Time and Again (RP Presents, 2005)
*Eldad Tarmu – Exotic Tales (Very Tall Music, 2005) ORDER NOW
*The Travellers – Dig That Beat (Low-Fi Records, 2004)
Alex Schultz – Think About It (Severn Records, 2004)
All Aboard America – (Bald Eagle Media, 2004)
The Billionaires – The Billionaires Are In the House (2004)
The Billionaires – Here Come the Billionaires (2004)
*The Daniel Glass Trio – Something Colorful (Very Tall Music, 2002) ORDER NOW
Industrial Jazz Group – City of Angles (Annova, 2002)
Scott Steen – Makin’ Time (SS Records, 2002)
The Saddle Tramps – Double Wide Live (2001)
Track-Whore Compilation – Vol. 2, Logan’s Run (Track Whore, 2001)
Ensemble Abstract – Mutually Cognizant (Pacific Force, 2001)
Ensemble Abstract – Stendahl’s Syndrome (Pacific Force, 2001)
Jazz, Baby! (Cool Tunes for Cool Kids) – (Flying South, 2001)
Vinnie Santino – That’s Him Officer (Pacific Force, 2001)
Johnny Boyd – Last Word In (Cliffhanger, 2001)
Mike Ness – Cheating at Solitaire (TimeBomb/Sony, 2000)
Bette Midler – Bathhouse Betty (Warner Brothers, 1999)
Botanica – Malediction (Checkered Past, 1999)
The Dambuilders – A Young Person’s Guide (East-West/Chuaca, 1995)
Mini Diaz – Mini Diaz (M2 Records, 1992)

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