From Ragtime to Rock

From Ragtime To Rock:
An Introduction to 100 Years of American Popular Music

Now Adapted For Use With Google Classroom and Other Online Teaching Platforms

For the first time ever, award-winning musician, author and educator Daniel Glass is making his 
acclaimed DVD From Ragtime To Rock available in an all-digital product, formatted specifically 
for use with online platforms like Google Classroom.

First released in 2015 to wide acclaim, From Ragtime To Rock has become a popular favorite 
with hundreds of middle and high school music educators across the United States. Not only
 does it offer students a fun and engaging way to learn about music and history, it helps them 
form a deeper a connection between the music they love today and the music of the past.

Whether you teach General Music, Jazz Studies, band, choir or private instrumental instruction,
you’ll find that the high-energy, info-packed presentation of From Ragtime to Rock will
 educate, inspire and engage your students! The all-in-one package, which includes a 69-page
Educator Guide, is the perfect solution in helping your create quality music curriculum for
 distance learning.

 Watch the Official Trailer:

From Ragtime To Rock offers a sweeping look at 100 years of music evolution, covering the end
 of the Civil War (1865) to the dawn of the British Invasion (1965). It details how American
Popular Music evolved alongside important historical, economic and sociological events such as
 Slavery, Segregation, Prohibition, Immigration, the Great Depression, World War II, the rise of
 the teenager, and many more.

This 100+ minute video program is broken down into 15 distinct units of 5-10 minutes in length.
 Each unit focuses on a particular musical era (see full list below) and includes a Teacher Guide, 
a Student Guide, and an Activity Sheet. These supplemental materials outline clear learning
 goals, provide engaging discussion topics, and fulfill a variety of core standards as outlined by
 NCAS, NAfME and CCSS. Each guide also includes a “Key Terms” and “Important Artists” section
 as a gateway for further study.

Check out this sample of the Teacher and Student Guides:

To bring the fascinating story of American Popular Music to life, From Ragtime to Rock 
incorporates eight high-energy live performances from an all-star band featuring members of 
the Michael Bublé band, Conan O’Brien’s house hand, Bette Midler’s “Kiss My Brass” Revue, the 
Brian Setzer Orchestra and Royal Crown Revue.

If you teach social science or history, From Ragtime to Rock offers a complete blueprint for a 
music-related elective. And it can also serve as a perfect SUBSTITUTE ASSIGNMENT.









Here’s what Educators have been saying about From Ragtime To Rock:

Incredibly thorough and engaging! I’m recommending this DVD to my colleagues and students. It should prove to be an invaluable resource to those individuals who would like to enhance their awareness of American popular music.

Steve Rucker
Jazz Studies Department, University of Miami


Your video saved my life! I was handed a last-minute General Music class in August… This is how I realized how valuable the teacher resource kit was.

Kathleen S. Robinson, Director of Music
Beck Academy, Greenville South Carolina


This DVD covers all the bases with current educational trends: relevancy, pacing and a multi-disciplinary (aka cross-curricular) approach that meets many core standards.

Sue Jehl, Summit Middle School
Fort Wayne, IN.


I’ve been teaching an American popular music unit for the last 10 years, and I’ve always wanted a video series that covered all the styles in a concise introductory way. I’ve been pulling together materials but they’ve mostly been geared too young or too advanced. “From Ragtime to Rock” seems just the right fit.

Barbara Thomas, Director of Music
St Helen School, Dayton Ohio

Ragtime to Rock covers the following musical eras:

– Brass Bands/March Music
– Ragtime/Syncopation
– Early Jazz (New Orleans)
– Blues and Blues Singers
– 1920s Jazz (Chicago-style)
– Great American Songbook
– Big Band Swing
– Bebop Jazz
– Rhythm & Blues
– Country/Rockabilly
– Early Rock’n’Roll
– The British Invasion

Additional Highlights:

– Explores the instrumentation of a pop music ensemble, showing how a horn-based military band eventually transformed into a small combo dominated by rhythm instruments.
– Looks at the relationship of vocal and instrumental music, showing how they have shifted in importance over the decades.
– Details how the blueprint for the pop music formula we still follow today was established during the British Invasion era of Rock’n’Roll.
– 2-Disc package includes a 100-minute video program with special bonus performances, plus a 65-page eBook that contains Teacher Guides and reproducible Student Guides and Activity Sheets.

Updated Educator Guide!

The From Ragtime to Rock educator guide has been updated to an in-depth 69–page eBook. You can view and download samples at right.


NOTE: If you have purchased an older version of the DVD that has incomplete teacher/student guides, please contact Daniel to receive the latest version. In your email, please include your name, educational institution, and when/where you purchased From Ragtime to Rock. Thanks!


of the Educator Guide


Sample Teacher and Student Guides

from Unit 10: The Swing Era


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