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The Daniel Glass Show (formerly the Daniel Glass Podcast)
is now on Drummer’s Resource.


The Daniel Glass show is on hiatus, but you can listen to all previous

episodes below, starting with the most recently released.


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Daniel Glass: On the Record (ep. 658)

Black Sounds Matter, Part 2 (ep. 569)

Black Sounds Matter, Part 1 (ep. 568)

Playing With The Countess (ep. 546)

Dreaming Your Future (ep. 542)

5 Reasons Why Rudiments Matter (ep. 535)

How Getting Fired Helped My Career (ep. 525)

Let’s Talk About Gear, Baby! (ep. 515)

How to Read Drum Charts (ep. 506)

Why EVERY Drummer Needs to Learn to Swing (ep. 501)

In Defense of the Traditional Grip (ep. 496)

A Conversation with Bobby Morris (ep. 490)

Why Drummers Need To Be Actors (ep. 485)

Gene Krupa and the Legendary Carnie Hall Concert (Pt. 2) (ep. 480)

Gene Krupa and the Legendary Carnegie Hal Concert (Pt. 1) (ep. 477)

My Tribute to Hal Blaine (ep. 474)

A Conversation with Anthony Citrinite (dir. Drummers Collective, NYC) (ep. 469)

Tribute to Ian Paice (ep. 464)

It’s A Poor Craftsman Who Blames His Tools (ep. 459)

Five Favorites: Joe Franco (ep. 456)

The Incredible Evolution of Tom Toms (ep. 451)

That Time I Played With the Best Band in the World (ep. 448)

The Importance of Beat One (ep. 443)

That Time I Worked With Gene Simmons (ep. 440)

Musicians and Relationships (ep. 435)

Deconstructing Jeff Porcaro (ep. 431)

Playing Better Fills (ep. 426)

Composing Drums for Television With Rich Tozzoli (ep. 421)

The Importance of Diversification (ep. 416)

The Magic of Gene Krupa: A Conversation with Brooks Tegler (ep. 409)

5 Things You Don’t Know About John Bonham, Pt. 2 (ep. 405)

5 Things You Don’t Know About John Bonham, Pt. 1 (ep. 400)

6 Strategies For Working With A Singer (ep. 396)

5 Strategies For Living An “Unusual” Life (ep. 392)

The Importance of Grip, Pt. 2 (ep.388)

The Importance of Grip, Pt. 1 (ep. 383)

The Day I Auditioned For Spinal Tap (ep. 377)

Inspiring Stories: Ray Levier (ep. 374)

Dissecting Rudiments: A Faster Way To Learn (ep. 372)

Zoro: Five Favorites (ep. 369)

Leader or Sideman: Which one are YOU? (ep. 366)

The Vanishing Drummer (ep. 364)

Eric Singer: Five Favorites (ep. 361)

Turn the World Into Your Practice Room (ep. 359)

Behind the Scenes at Birdland: A Conversation with Gianni Valenti (ep. 357)

Understanding Pulse: The “Throw-Up” Exercise (ep. 355)

“The Evolution of Gospel Drumming”: A Conversation with Lamon Lawhorn (ep. 353)

5 Reasons Why Every Drummer Should Learn “Classic” Styles (ep. 350)

The Secret to Playing Fast (ep. 347)

For Right-Handed Drummers Only! (ep. 344)

Life on the Warped Tour, Pt. 2 (ep. 341)

Life on the Warped Tour, Pt. 1 (ep. 338)

Music In My Head (ep. 335)

The Importance of Form (ep. 332)

Deconstructing Earl Palmer, Pt. 2 (ep. 329)

Deconstructing Earl Palmer, Pt. 1 (ep. 326)

A Conversation with Henrique DeAlmeida (ep. 323)

One Week In 1996 (ep. 320)

Keep Calm and Learn to Love Jazz (ep. 318)

A Conversation with Steve Smith (ep. 315)

Tackling Life, Pt. 2: Winging It (ep. 312)

Tackling Life, Pt. 1: Preparation (ep. 309)

My Favorite Concerts, Pt. 1 (ep. 306)

Deconstructing “Rock Around the Clock” (ep. 303)

Understanding Deliberate Practice (ep. 184)

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