Daniel Glass Jazz Intensives: Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I’ve only been playing a few years, and/or I don’t know much about jazz. Will this event be too advanced for me?

A. Don’t worry, you needn’t be concerned about your skill level. My approach to presenting jazz utilizes a variety of “outside the box” techniques and concepts that you’ve likely never seen before. These are designed to benefit drummers of all levels – from total beginner to advanced player alike. Every year, the skill level among participants varies, but it has never been an issue. Each student works at his or her own level, and receives appropriate feedback from myself and the in-house rhythm section.

I’ve designed the course to be inclusive and highly supportive, and all the participants become like a family within a very short period of time. The results have support from the rest of the group  everyone walks away having evolved.


Q. I’m a musician who’s interested in jazz, but I’m not a drummer. Can I participate?

A. YES! Although this course is designed primarily for drummers, in past years we’ve had a few non-drummers sign up as well. Their goal was to learn more about jazz history, and increase their understanding of, rhythm, pulse, swing and how to increase their musicality when playing in a jazz band.


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